Acquisition: SEVERANCE by Chris Bucholz

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Apex Publications is pleased to announce that we have acquired a new science fiction novel titled SEVERANCE by Chris Bucholz.


Two hundred years of idleness, infighting, and inbreeding have left the occupants of the generation ship USMV Argos in pretty bad shape. Certainly not in any shape to colonize a planet. Not if it was a planet you liked.

The Argos and its cargo of fifty thousand cretins is the home of Laura Stein, ship’s engineer, genetic experiment, and amateur cat burglar. And as the massive vessel nears the end of its journey, Stein’s days are filled cleaning up the messes of these imbeciles, and abusing them for it.

While prowling around in a place she definitely shouldn’t be, she uncovers a sinister conspiracy that threatens the entire ship. Stein and her friends soon find themselves allied with the people they hate most, in a desperate adventure filled with reckless stunts, too many wigs, and repeated blows to the groin, racing to stop a plot generations in the making.

Chris Bucholz is a professional humor writer, with writing credits at and Currently, he writes a weekly column for that routinely draws 200,000-300,000 readers per week.

Despite being a popular humorist, Chris has worked eight years in the Facilities Management industry, and has Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Environmental Engineering & Technologies, knowledge he uses to write science fiction novels.

He maintains an active Twitter feed (@ChrisBucholz). You should follow him.

Expect to see SEVERANCE in the spring/early summer of 2014!

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  1. finally! Bucholz is my favorite writer on this whole internet

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