Website Update: Up, Down, Much Better All Around

Posted by on Mar 20, 2013 in Apex Publications Blog: Matters of SF, Fantasy, and Horror | 0 comments

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Because life is never simple for me when it comes to anything related to Apex Publications, a wild mix of website issues occurred yesterday.

Sometime in the early afternoon, I decided our website was Too. Damn. Slow.  It was taking anywhere from 3 to 5 seconds to load pages. Although I can’t afford it, I went ahead and put in a request to have our webhost move us from a shared server to a dedicated server.

Soon after that request was made, Stefan Raets wrote this amazing review of What Makes You Die that was posted to As most of us know, is a high-traffic website. Incoming traffic sourced from that reviewed spiked our server load. Down goes Frazier. Our site became inaccessible.

This great bit of good fortune was counterbalanced by terrible luck. Our webhost experienced a major power disruption that lasted close to 12 hours, starting… you guessed it, in the early afternoon.

All that incoming Tor traffic from readers interested in What Makes You Die… useless and wasted because our website was not available.

And so it goes.

The end result is a happy one, however. Our website is back. We’ve been moved successfully to a dedicated server host, and the site is much peppier. Hopefully, we can sell a few books to pay for the service!

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