Sunday Roundup: What Makes You Die, Writing Advice, Devotionals, and Jennifer Pelland

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This week our celebration of Women in Horror came to an end with Michael A. Burstein’s post about Jennifer Pelland, we had devotionals from Lucy Snyder, Nisi Shawl, and Michael Ehart as they all spoke about their stories in Dark Faith: Invocations, and Michael Damien Thomas shared insight about writing that he’s gained from being an Apex editor. Also, What Makes You Die is available to order, with the opportunity to get the book signed by author Tom Piccirilli.

Monday, February 25th

Dark Faith: Invocations Devotional – Lucy Snyder

by Lesley Conner

Lucy Snyder tells us about her Bram Stoker nominated story “Magdala Amygdala.”

Wednesday, February 27th

Women of Horror: Why I Love Jennifer Pelland

by Michael A. Burstein

Jennifer Pelland has two Hugo eligible works, Machine and “Sacrifice.” Michael shares why he believes you should read Jennifer’s work and nominate them for the award.

Thursday, February 28th

Writing Advice: Sadly, There’s No Secret Handshake

by Michael Damien Thomas

As both an aspiring writer and editor, Michael shares the secret (or lack there of) of getting published.

Friday, March 1st

What Makes You Die (Early 50 Order Page)

by Jason Sizemore

Order What Makes You Die by Tom Piccirilli now. Not only will you be one of the first people to read this new dark noir novel, but you’ll also get one of only 50 signed copies!

Dark Faith: Invocations Devotional – Nisi Shawl

by Lesley Conner

Nisi talks about “In Blood and Song,” the story she co-wrote with Michael Ehart.

Saturday, March 2nd

Dark Faith: Invocations Devotional – Michael Ehart

by Lesley Conner

Michael talks about “In Blood and Song,” the story he co-wrote with Nisi Shawl.

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