Sunday Roundup: More March Noir, What Makes You Die is released, and Apex Magazine news

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It’s been another busy week at the Apex offices. Our wonderful bloggers have brought us more fantastic March Noir posts, discussing everything from the visuals of film noir to the history of the genre. What Makes You Die by Tom Piccirilli has been officially released, and we announced increased pay for nonfiction, reprints, and artwork in Apex Magazine. Also, you may have noticed that our website is peppier. That would be because we’ve moved to a dedicated server.

If you missed any of our great posts this week, now would be the time to catch up.

Monday, March 18th

March Noir: Perception of the visuals: the look and feel of noir

by Russell Dickerson

Russell discusses how the visuals in film noir add to its distinct feel; everything from the lighting to the clothing to way the actors hold themselves and their guns. It all works together to create what we think of as noir.

Apex Magazine News: Increased pay for nonfiction, reprints, and artwork

by Jason Sizemore

Apex Publications is pleased to announce an increase in what we pay our Apex Magazine contributors for their nonfiction, reprints, and artwork.

Tuesday, March 19th

March Noir: Through a Noir, Darkly

by J.F. Gonzalez

J.F. Gonzalez gives us a history of noir, what it is and why the genre developed.

Wednesday, March 20th

Amazon Fail: New Edition Primacy

by Jason Sizemore

Finding the most recent editions of books on Amazon can be difficult when used bargain books are given primacy over new editions.

Website Update: Up, Down, Much Better All Around

by Jason Sizemore

Due to a series of events, including an amazing review by Stefan Raets of What Makes You Die on and power disruptions, the Apex website was down for nearly 12 hours. It’s back up up and peppier than ever!

Thursday, March 21st

March Noir: All Darkness, All the Time

by Tim Waggoner

The lone individual, facing the inevitable approach of an endless night, knowing that nothing he or she can do will stop or even slow its advance. This is the essence of noir.

Friday, March 22nd

March Noir: Noir and German Expressionism

by Sara M. Harvey

Sara explores German Expressionism and its influence on film noir.

Book Release: What Makes You Die by Tom Piccirilli

by Jason Sizemore

Apex Publications is proud to announce that What Makes You Die by Tom Piccirilli is officially released!

Saturday, March 23rd

Advertising Spots Available for Apex Magazine

by Lesley Conner

Want to advertise in Apex Magazine? Contact Lesley Conner to find out how.



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