Sunday Roundup: March Noir, Apex Magazine Issue 46, the Final Devotional, and Apex Magazine News

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This week we kicked off a month-long series of articles about noir to celebrate the release of What Makes You Die by Tom Piccirilli later in the month, Apex Magazine Issue 46 was released, and Douglas F. Warrick brought us our last devotional post for Dark Faith: Invocations.

Monday, March 4th

Winner! 2012 Apex Magazine Best Artwork Readers’ Poll

by Jason Sizemore

The readers have spoken! Congratulations to Aunia Kahn! Her artwork for issue 43 of Apex Magazine titled “Viral Tropism” has been selected by our readers as the best Apex Magazine artwork of 2012!

Tuesday, March 5th

March Noir: A light cast on crime fiction writer Raymond Chandler

by Krissie McMakin

Krissie takes a look at hard-boiled mystery/crime fiction author/screenwriter Raymond Chandler.

Apex Magazine Issue 46 released

by Jason Sizemore

Apex is pleased to announce the release of issue 46 of its science fiction, fantasy, and horror zine Apex Magazine! The new issue is packed with content from amazing authors: Rachel Swirsky, Tim Pratt, Kelly McCullough, Liz Argall, and William Alexander. The fantastic cover art comes from Ken Wong.

Wednesday, March 5th

March Noir: School Me on Noir

by Fran Wilde

Fran Wilde asks fellow writers Gregory Frost and Jon McGoran to school her on noir.

Dark Faith: Invocations Devotional – Douglas F. Warrick

by Lesley Conner

Douglas talks about “I Inhale the City, the City Exhales Me” and faith in our last devotional post for Dark Faith: Invocations.

Thursday, March 6th

March Noir: Top 10 Classic Film Noir Clichés that aren’t Clichés

by Lesley Conner

There aren’t certain images that come to mind when you think of classic film noir. Lesley makes a list of the top 10 things you’ll see when watching these films.

Friday, March 7th

March Noir: Frances McDormand, woman of noir

by Jess Dimond

Before playing parts in Fargo, Almost Famous, and Moonrise Kingdom, Frances McDormand played Abby in the neo-noir film Blood Simple.

Attention Apex Magazine Kindle Subscribers: Issue 46 News

by Jason Sizemore

Due to an unfortunate error, Apex Magazine Kindle subscribers didn’t get Rachel Swirsky’s story “If You were a Dinosaur, My Love.” The file has been corrected and Kindle subscribers will get the story when they receive Apex Magazine issue 47.



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