Dark Faith: Invocations Devotional – Michael Ehart

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Dark Faith: InvocationsMICHAEL EHART has been at various times all the expected things: laborer, seminary student, musician, shoe salesman, political consultant, teacher, diaper truck driver, stand-up comedian, and the least important guy with an office at a movie studio. He currently works as a Systems Engineer and Operations Manager for a tech company. He made his first sale to a magazine at 15, which means he has been writing for over 40 years, with the aforementioned occasional breaks for gainful employment.

His novel The Tears of Ishtar was nominated for several awards, as have been many of his short stories. He hopes someday to actually win one of them. He lives in the upper left-hand corner of the US with his incredibly beautiful wife Shaharazahd, his son Alexander, and his daughter Adria.

Michael co-wrote “In Blood and Song” with Nisi Shawl.

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Who are you?

I am Michael Ehart. I have been writing under various names for over 40 years now, starting with my first sale at 15. My writing style has been described as “terse” and “fierce”, both of which seem surprising to me, as I am both voluble and quite gentle natured. I am 57 years of age, like my collaborator Nisi Shawl, but unlike her I am neither African American nor a woman.

Tell us about your story.

On the surface it is about Dembe Boxers, a clan of butchers that roam West Africa ekeing out a living by meat cleaving and boxing exhibitions. But nothing of any great importance ever seems to happen on the surface of things, does it?

How does your story tie into the idea of faith? 

The characters are all people of faith, each moving on a couple of levels, some deeper than others. Some WAY deeper.

Every year, Maurice Broaddus throws a convention in honor of himself (Mo*Con). How do you feel about this fact?  

I am not philosophically opposed, I suppose. But on a spiritual level I find it deeply disturbing, like anteater pate or fine wine made of old socks.

To read an excerpt from “In Blood and Song” check out Nisi Shawl’s devotional.

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