Glitter & Mayhem Update! Author Q&As and some mad videos

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The Glitter and Mayhem Kickstarter is quickly approaching $10,000 with a few days left to hit our goal. To celebrate, two super awesome book trailers have been released: the swank and the scary.

Lynne, Michael, and John also asked some of the contributing authors to answer a few questions about their party lifestyles and all things glittery. Here are Tansy Rayner Roberts and William Shunn’s answers.

What about the theme drew you to the anthology?

TRR: Rollerskates! Glamour! I’ve been a teeny bit wild about roller derby since I read Derby Girl by Shauna Cross (the book that was turned into the awesome Whip It! movie) and this anthology just sounded so exciting to be part of.

WS: Who doesn’t love rollerskating and nightclubs and drugs and sex and debauchery?  Who didn’t enjoy copious amounts of them all in those golden days of youth?  Well, um, I guess I didn’t.  I was a Mormon.  Okay, I did rollerskate, but I felt guilty about it.

William Shunn at Icebar TokyoWe’re often told to write what we know. Did you draw your G&M story from your own nightlife experiences?

TRR: I was totally at a private party at a club on Saturday night, dressed as Batgirl, and watching Iron Man dance up a storm with Poison Ivy… though for full disclosure I feel I have to admit that most of the people at said party were 30 and 40 somethings telling each other that ‘we don’t get out much these days since the kids.’

It was still pretty awesome, though, and we had superhero cocktails. “The Fury” was a most excellent concoction. Also this is where I discovered that Long Island Iced Tea has no tea in it.

WS: I love to write things that I don’t actually know.  My clubbing experience was pretty much limited to once seeing Gene Loves Jezebel play at Club DV8 in Salt Lake City, and I was terrified for my soul the whole time.  My story is actually about slippery souls in Chicago clubs of the ’80s, which is why I’m writing it with my wife Laura Chavoen.  She’s the one who knows exactly what that scene was like.

What’s your favorite way to make life more glittery?

TRR: Killer playlists! Everything is glitter when there’s a solid soundtrack going. I’m just getting back into using music when I write, something I learned back in my early nanowrimo days, and it makes the typing so much more fun!

Also, I have to say, don’t discount the usefulness of actual glitter.

WS: I go to a comfortable bar with my wife and friends and drink classic-style cocktails until a glittery haze drapes everyone and everything in sight. Templeton Rye is involved.

If you had to create a cocktail that reflected your story, what would it be?

TRR: Is there some way to add vodka to an ice cream sundae? Oh, how about the ‘Crash Course’ – you take a pina colada and keep adding lemon sherbet until it explodes. THAT.

WS: It would be a little sweet, a little bitter, a lot sour, and orangey-pink through and through.  It would consist of Laird’s Applejack, Clément Créole Shrubb Liqueur d’Orange, pomegranate juice, Peychaud’s bitters, and probably a twist of lemon.  It would be, in fact, the same cocktail I created in the video footage we shot for the book trailers.  I’d call it a “Glitter & Madness.”

If you knew you were up for a surreal evening, what and whom do you bring with you, and why?

TRR: My iPhone for documentation and communication, a pair of comfortable shoes, and Wonder Woman. Unless the evening is zombie themed in which case I would take a handbag full of carnivorous plants.

WS: I bring Laura because I wouldn’t want her to miss it, and because I know one of us will get the other one home safely.  And so we can all talk about this evening for years to come, I bring John and Shai and Ashir and Gretchen and Andrew and Cinnamon and Colin and Barbara Lynn and Norm and Rachel and Kevin and Mare and…

We have until 9am Saturday to meet our goal of $15,000 and get the Glitter and Mayhem party really started. If you haven’t backed it yet and you want to read stories inspired by rollerskating, party monsters, and all things glam, then head over to the Glitter and Mayhem Kickstarter page. You can even be a part of the party! Tuckerizations by both Tansy Rayner Roberts and William Shunn are still available, plus others by authors like Tim Pratt, Jennifer Pelland, Diana Rowland, Cat Rambo, and many more.

Join the party and spread the glitter!


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