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One can only imagine what sort of wild cover a speculative nightclub anthology will have. That’s more true than you think.

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There is one person who can imagine that: Galen Dara. Check out her portfolio and we think you’ll agree with us. There’s something so moving and evocative of her artwork that we felt it was a perfect match.

If there’s anyone who can capture the nightclub roller derby debauchery the stories this anthology have, it’s Galen Dara.

We know that she’s working hard on cover ideas (you can see our Pinterest board for where her inspirations are coming from) and we want to share that with you.

Once we hit 75% funding, we’ll have cover sketches to show you. So now there’s at least two things to shoot for:

  • Open to submissions at 50%
  • Cover preview at 75%

And we have at least one more kick-ass piece we’re working on that we hope to announce soon!

For those that have supported already, we can’t thank you enough.

For those who are thinking of supporting, dive on in! This is gonna be fun!

From Lynne, Michael, and John

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