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An update from Lynne, Michael, and John

It’s been a week since we launched the Glitter & Mayhem campaign, but it’s really been just today that’s made the difference for our Kickstarter.

Today we (Lynne, Michael, and John) were able to focus on the campaign and getting the word out to our contributors and other places. That’s helped a lot. Also, we got a huge boost from Seanan McGuire and her fans with our new reward level today (see the new backer level below).

How well did today go? Check out where we started the day:

11% funded
66 backers

And where we are around 9am this morning:

31.3% funded
168 backers

Over the course of today we almost literally doubled everything. Whoa. There’s more to go, of course, but things are going well. We’re going to have some fun announcements in the next day or two (about open submissions as well as some over-the-top craziness, just wait).

Thank you all for your support and keep spreading the word!

New Backer Level!

We have a new $50 pledge level. In addition to getting an electronic copy and a paper copy of the finished back, we will make an electronic copy of Seanan McGuire’s novella for the anthology available when we hit our funding goal. This means that if we hit our funding with two weeks to go, you’ll get to see the story then.

In Seanan’s own words: ” “Bad Dream Girl,” a 16,000 word novella set in the universe of my New York Times bestselling InCryptid series. This novella focuses on Antimony Price, and will be her first formal appearance as a narrator, allowing for a story that has connections to existing material, yet remains accessible to new readers.”

How cool is that?! Anyone who funds at $50 and above will receive this reward.

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