Book Release: Seasons of Insanity by Gill Ainsworth and Frank W. Haubold

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Seasons of InsanityApex is pleased to announce that today is the official release date for our new collection of themed horror titled Seasons of Insanity by two major award-nominated authors: Gill Ainsworth and Frank W. Haubold.

Seasons of Insanity contains twelve stories, one for each month of the year, that explores the various maladies that make us mad. Not angry mad, but scary mad.

The cover art is by Crossvalley Smith.

Here is a fo’instance:
“Everything started with a tiny prick, a blood sample for his routine monthly examination. Now he stands, waiting for the machine to pass its sentence.”
–”Welcome to the Machine”, Frank W. Haubold

The book is available (or will be soon, it is still propagating through our distribution system) on most major book vendor websites in both print and digital formats.



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