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Guy Hasson’s Film Journal, Entry #5: The Rehearsals

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by Guy Hasson Hollywood Wouldn’t Like the Way I Direct We’re at the rehearsal stage right now. After deciding to write, direct, and produce an epic SF film about superheroes with no budget (henceforth: “The Indestructibles”), after finding actors, and after shooting the poster ahead of time (with the tagline “Even gods must die”), we’re finally nearing the end of rehearsals. Most of Hollywood wouldn’t like the way I rehearse. In fact, they wouldn’t like the fact that I rehearse, and certainly not for months. Not only do they not have time for it, but there is a sense in Hollywood that actors that rehearse can’t give you truth. If they only just learned the text, then...

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Get to Know an Apex Author: Jennifer Pelland

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Jennifer Pelland likes to describe herself as the two time losing Nebula Award-nominated science fiction writer. Considering how tough the short fiction category can be for the Nebula Award, I think she is seriously underselling herself, even if it is in the spirit of humor and self-deprecation. Don’t believe me? Then read “Ghosts of New York” (or listen to it at Podcastle). Want another free dose of awesome? Then read “Captive Girl” at Transcriptase. “Captive Girl” and “Ghosts of New York” are her Nebula Award stories. Jen’s first pro sale was “For the Plague Thereof Was Exceeding Great” that...

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16 Page Saturdays: Jennifer Pelland's MACHINE

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On the last Saturday of every month, we at Apex will be posting the first sixteen pages of one of our excellent books. These sixteen pages will be the good stuff, meaning front matter and table of contents listings won’t count. For our first 16 Page Saturday, we bring you something from one of our most popular authors, Jennifer Pelland. Machine, her debut novel, has been receiving rave reviews. If you don’t believe me, check out what Adam Troy-Castro of SCI FI Magazine had to say: “The novel is unrelenting, driven by Pelland’s unflinching eye and her absolute willingness to shatter her very vulnerable, not very emotionally resilient protagonist....

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Apex Super Minions at Confluence

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Apex invades Pittsburgh this weekend for Confluence. Marketing editor Sarah Peduzzi and I will be roaming the halls, meeting Apex readers and handing out the Confluence-only 40% off Apex store discount code to anyone who asks.  If you need a field guide to identifying super minions, check the Apex T-shirt gallery. We’re both in there. The Alien Head’s authors will be well-represented on the programming. Friday at 6 p.m., Tim Waggoner and Lucy Snyder are scheduled for a Dark Faith 2 reading in the Willow room. They’re bringing some terrific stories to read. I’m bringing Apex swag to give away. Good times will be had. I have a hunch from the title...

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We help you imbibe potent fluids

Posted by on Jul 26, 2012 in Apex News, Apex Publications Blog: Matters of SF, Fantasy, and Horror | 7 comments

Apex Alien Head mugs and shot glasses are now available for purchase through our online store. Can I get a HUZZAH up in here?! Click here for Apex mugs, shot glasses, and shirts: A common question I get during the hundreds of hours I’m working the Apex table at conventions is “Hey, cool shot glass (mug). Why isn’t this available on your website?” I’ve never had a straight answer. Mostly, it had to do with the weird intricacies of how our shop calculates shipping costs. I think I’ve got that squared away and after doing some test orders, am confident in presenting our glass ware...

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