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Guy Hasson's Film Journal #3: The Photo Shoot

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The Photo Shoot So we shot the poster. A team of three went down to the beach at the very end of a sunny day. This was the team: Nathalie klein Selle, the supremely talented Dutch actress who plays one of the two leading roles in the film; Oren Hasson, who is, among other things, both a professional photographer and my father; and myself (writer and director). The concept for the poster was simple: Nathalie is a superhero who, though practically dead, cannot actually die. She’s been swept away by the seas and wound up on the shore. The original concept for the poster had her lying in the sea, half her face in the water, half out, eyes open wide, body dead. Working off...

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50% off Sunset Sale for four great Apex titles

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We have four great books going out of print by the end of June that we’re selling at half their retail price (both print and digital formats). For our customers, this willbe your last opportunity to grab a copy! Apex supplies of print copies are limited, so don’t hesitate and place your order today! The links below will take you directly to the Apex product page for each book. Close Encounters of the Urban Kind by Jennifer Brozek Themed anthology infusing urban myths with alien origins. Print: $8.98  Digital: $2.50 When Darkness Loves Us by Elizabeth Engstrom Two-novella collection that twists together the beauty and horror underlying the simplicty of small...

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ForgeCon, a gaming paradise with alien head

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Apex Publications will be running a vendor table at ForgeCon this coming Friday through Sunday. This is  the first year for ForgeCon (two new large comic/gaming cons this year has turned Lexington into a geek paradise, and I love it!), though I expect it to be a large and successful event. The doors open at noon on Friday and close at 4pm on Sunday. We’re experiencing record heat in Lexington. In fact, the high on Saturday has been forecast to be 94 degrees. If you’re in the area, why not come out and have some geekly fun? Day passes are only $10. Getting into the vendor area is FREE! Come by the Apex table and you’ll meet Apex owner and publisher...

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It Builds Character

Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Apex Publications Blog: Matters of SF, Fantasy, and Horror, Artist Musings | 0 comments

by Mari Adkins This month I thought I’d talk about character creation. In thinking of this, I’ve found myself comparing this to the creation of gaming characters. While it’s quite similar, there are differences, of course, just as there are in everything and everyone. I suppose one could say the biggest difference is that dice aren’t involved in writing. But that might or mightn’t be true. I know I’ve gotten out the trusty old dice bag and made a few rolls to help with decision making. I know others who do the same and still others who use Tarot cards, astrology … The list is long and broad. My character creation with Destiny...

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Announcing the winner of the tag line competition

Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Apex Publications Blog: Matters of SF, Fantasy, and Horror, Words from the Publisher | 3 comments

After about my fifth read through all the tag line entries, I came to the conclusion that many of our contestants could have a successful career as a brand manager. There were great multitudes of quality entries. Here are some of my favorites… Folly Blaine – Imprinting the Odd Jo Olluyn – Exploring the Edge Damien Walters Grintalis – Genre Redefined, The Uncommon Side of Genre Dennis Michael Lane – Your Guide to Surviving the Future, Tomorrow Today, Read; or they Win, 26 Letters Infinite Possibilities Ian Sales – The Best Books Live at the Edges Shadodottir – Erasing the Boundaries of Imagination Patrick Derrickson – Our...

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