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Free Friday Fiction – "Under the Dryer" by Fran Friel

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We’re pleased to present “Under the Dryer” by Fran Friel as this week’s Free Friday Fiction. “Under the Dryer” appears in Fran’s Stoker Award nominated collection Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales. Under the Dryer by Fran Friel I tried to warn them, but the humans wouldn’t listen and the cats just taunted me. The faint paw prints in the dust were the first sign. I started sniffing out the cause and became alarmed at my findings. The great mastiff, Old Sam, my sire’s brother, warned me about such things, but I never thought I would see them for myself. I stayed with Sam’s family whenever my humans went away, and at night in...

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Guy Hasson’s Film Journal, Entry #1 : The Indestructibles Are Born

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by Guy Hasson A couple of months ago I decided enough’s enough. It’s time to embark on a new adventure. It’s time to create a science fiction epic film. I just needed to find a way to do it with no budget. Why? Well, allow me to show you my reasoning through a series of flashbacks. Flashback: It’s seven years ago. I’m sitting in a café in front one of the country’s most influential producers, trying to convince him to produce a horror mini-series for TV I wrote and wanted to direct. At the same time, he’s spending more than an hour trying to convince me to change aspects of the script to something he can produce. Why couldn’t he produce it? His bottom line was (I’m...

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The Convent of the Pure free this Tuesday-Thursday

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Half-angel lesbian heroines, one alive and one a ghost, fighting demons and the forces of evil in a steampunk universe. This was the pitch Sara M. Harvey gave me for The Convent of the Pure, the first book in her Penemue Trilogy (the other two being The Labyrinth of the Dead and The Tower of the Forgotten) . I don’t know about you, but I think  it sounds pretty damn awesome. Turns out, it was. With an eye toward getting you, dear readers, hooked on Sara’s trilogy (and her fiction in general, for she is a fantastic writer), Apex has stepped into the ring with Amazon’s KDP Select program to make The Convent of the Pure free for the next three days (March...

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Dancing with the devil: Apex gives Amazon Select a try

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I worry about a potential Amazon monopoly on the book publishing business, and because of this I have become somewhat anti-Amazon in my views over the past year. I mostly keep these personal opinions off-line, as I don’t like biting the hand that feeds me (and Amazon feeds Apex quite well… and everyone else, which is sort of the problem, right?).  But the sad truth is that the publishing industry, the book sellers, and even authors (led by pied piper authors who claim “independence” but are on Amazon’s payroll) have escorted Amazon by hand to the company’s current mighty position. Apex (and its owner, too) is just as much to blame as...

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Blood on Vellum: Notes from the Apex Editor

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One of my goals for Apex Magazine is to showcase more SF/F/H from outside the United States. This special issue, focused on international or “World” SF, is another step in that direction.  We are celebrating the publication of The Apex Book of World SF 2, edited by Lavie Tidhar, by presenting all new fiction and poetry by international SF/F writers. Lavie also served as co-editor for both the reprint and nonfiction in issue 35. Our new original fiction and poetry this month feature a story by Lavie Tidhar , “Love is a Parasite Meme,” a post-apocalyptic tale of survival,  Thoraiya Dyer’s “The Second Card of the Major Arcana,” which follows the High Priestess as she tests...

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