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Interview with Lynne Thomas, our New Apex Magazine Editor

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interview conducted by Stephanie Jacob SJ: Congratulations on being named the new editor at Apex Magazine.  What  was it about the position appealed to you? Are you excited to jump in and begin editing short fiction and poetry? LT: Thank you! I had been editing nonfiction for a while, and was excited at the opportunity to edit fiction and poetry for one of the most respected SF/F/H magazines on the market. Apex has developed a reputation for publishing cutting edge, dark fiction and poetry, thanks to the work of Catherynne Valente and Jason Sizemore over the years. It’s an honor to have been chosen to follow Cat, and I will do my best to expand upon what has been built...

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The Apex Books Gateway Guide: An Agreement with Hell, Dru Pagliassotti

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by Janet Harriett An Agreement with Hell is Dru Pagliassotti’s second novel. It is very firmly contemporary horror, but contains elements of chaos theory mixed in with the magick and religious lore more common in paranormal and horror books. Exposition does ensure that readers have the basics for understanding the plot, but a baseline knowledge of theology may be helpful for full enjoyment of the story, since some of the more basic elements, like familiars and the power of circles, are taken as understood. Set in a fictional Lutheran-affiliated university in California, An Agreement with Hell incorporates elements drawn from horror cinema and flips between three...

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A Slice of Darkness Interview Series: Halloween in Harlan

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by M.G. Ellington In the black heart of coal country, malevolent spirits and unearthly creatures slip from the shadows into the minds and hearts of men. Young women, twisted by pain, call for love and revenge by the light of the moon. A dead dog by the side of the road is more than it seems. In Harlan County, Kentucky, the supernatural and the mundane mingle in the depths of the earth, filling the mines with powerful forces that draw people down and corrupt from within. Harlan County Horrors, edited by Mari Adkins. MG: Mari, can you tell me a little about the genesis of Harlan County Horrors? MA: HCH started out as a joke between Jason Sizemore and myself. We were...

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Thoughts on Flashbacks

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by Benjamin Tate So, recently I start writing a chapter.  This is one of the first chapters in the third book in a trilogy and I had skipped some time between the two books, which meant that as I started writing the scene I realized that I had to figure out what had happened in that “missing time” between the books to this particular character before I could pick up the thread of the rest of their life in this book.  I thought I knew what had happened and that it was unimportant. I was wrong. And this is how I knew I was wrong:  As I started writing the scene—where I thought this character’s plot thread began in this book—it slid into a flashback.  Now normally this...

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In the freelance life, there are no Saturdays

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By Russell Dickerson In a conversation the other day, we were talking about work, specifically about the freelance art and design work that I do. The other party (who shall remain nameless) considered what I do independently as, more or less, a job. Which I agree with, I am offering my creative services to others, in the hope of getting paid. Even if I’m still unemployed from a typical day job, I think it still works. But then they said, “it’s like you are living one, long Saturday!”. Hang on there, Hopalong. Could you run that by me again? When it comes down to it, I don’t get to have Saturdays at all. I am “on” every single day, no matter what. I may...

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