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The Big Red Button: Thoughts on Badges, Achievements and the “Micro-Win”

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by Kimberly Unger I’ve been scrambling lately.  My work these past few months has placed me squarely in the “social/mobile” game space, which is, from a gamedev point of view, roughly equivalent to running barefoot across lava-rocks balancing a laptop and a bowl of goldfish on your head at the same time.  It’s all about the footwork. In this maddenly quick-moving context, the topic of badges and achievements keeps popping up.  They’re nothing new in the gaming world, but it’s only since the explosive rise of Facebook that the idea has been released into the wild, a meme infecting the minds of even the joe-average, “non-gamer” citizens.  Badges and achievements are...

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Making of an Anthology, Part 5: Thoughts on the Table of Contents

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By Jennifer Brozek As part of the editorial staff of Apex Publications, I’ve been asked to clear up some of the mystery that surrounds the making of an anthology. I’ve agreed to do so—from my point of view. I am just one editor. My way is not the One True Way. This is just what works for me and how I approach each project. Once I have all of the stories for an anthology bought, edited, and polished, I need to put them in the right order. Up until this point, I have had a basic Table of Contents or “TOC” in mind. Frequently, as I read and say “yes” to a story, I will place it mentally in my line up. Sometimes, this organically grown...

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What is the Fractal Dimension of "Boy Meets Girl"?

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by Ian Tregillis Recently, work on a new novel got me thinking about the relationship between plot and structure. Well, actually, I tend to think about this quite a bit. For a long time, I’ve been convinced that these two slippery entities are intimately related yet not the same. Sometimes, their relationship is simple and straightforward: the plot is the structure, and vice-versa. But sometimes, that relationship is more subtle and complex, like the relationship between hurricanes and butterflies. I’ve begun to wonder if maybe, sometimes, stories are fractal. It’s sometimes said that when it comes to writing stories, the best endings are the ones that...

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