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Practice is for losers Practice is for losers

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by Russell Dickerson Awhile back, I was perusing a local gallery on one of the busier nights, and I overheard an interesting conversation about art and sketching. Being curious (and being two feet away in a crowded gallery) I listened to both sides of the discussion. On one side, there was the up and coming artist, by the sounds of it a student.  On the other side, an asshole artiste, who obviously was full of shit himself. The student asked about sketching and other methods of practice that the artiste might use. Many artists hear the mantra, “draw draw draw” or “practice practice practice” when they are interested in the craft, and I think the student was just looking...

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The Long and Short of It

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by Benjamin Tate If you’ve taken a look at my most recent book release you’ll notice that it’s *ahem* rather long.  Not Robert Jordan long, or even Stephen King long, but . . . there are a lot of words there.  It’s twice the length of the first novel I had published, and if you look back through the last few years and stand my books up next to each other, you’ll notice a distinct trend:  each one is longer than the last. So you might find it surprising that recently I’ve begun to delve into the short story market.  If you’d asked me ten years ago, or even five, whether I’d ever write short fiction, I’d have snorted and said I don’t think I could.  Every idea I’ve ever...

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