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Outside the Box: Human Cloning? I’m Down With That

Posted by on Nov 18, 2009 in Apex Publications Blog: Matters of SF, Fantasy, and Horror | 0 comments

By J.C. Hutchins A few weeks ago, my high-tech thriller 7th Son: Descent was released by St. Martin’s Press. In its opening pages, a four-year-old boy assassinates the U.S. president… and after that, it’s a deep-sea dive into government conspiracies, computer hacking, five-minutes-into-the-future technologies, and lots of automatic gunfire. It’s mostly about cloning. Seven men discover that they’re unwitting participants in a human cloning experiment. Their flesh and childhood memories–recordings, transferred from a digital storage system to their blank cloned brains–hail from someone else. When I was writing 7th Son: Descent, I thought a lot about human cloning. The...

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